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Welcome to my website.

I am a Dutch psychologist and psychotherapist, member of the Swiss Federation of Psychologists (the FSP). I have been living and working in Switserland sinds 2007, both as a psychologist and as a researcher. I share a private practice with several colleagues in Morges where I receive my clients. My background is in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a widely used and scientifically recognized form of therapy.

I might see a person for just some sessions to "straighten things out" or for a longer period of time when necessary.

I am happy to receive adults for individual sessions.

My tasks are to lisen - actively and without judgement - and to share my clinical experience and theoretical knowledge.

Where needed I will support, question and accompany the person in the processes of understanding, deconstructing or constructing.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. A single session can also be agreed upon to see whether I could be of assistance to you.

You might like to visit my other webpage, based on a type of CBT therapy I am particularly passionate about, and that, in my professional experience, has proven to have very good results. To visit the site, please click on the ACT image.

ACT therapy

Mirjam de Vries est psychologue psychothérapeute à Morges et membre de la Fédération Suisse des Psychologues (FSP), elle propose des suivis individuels de thérapie comportementale et cognitive (TCC). Cette approche convient particulièrement en cas de troubles anxieux, attaques de panique, trouble panique avec agoraphobie, phobie sociale, anxiété généralisée, trouble obsessionnel-compulsif (TOC), dépression, stress post-traumatique, prévention de la rechute, troubles du sommeil, douleurs chroniques, déficit de l’attention, difficultés professionnelles et épuisement professionnel, burnout, ainsi qu'en cas de difficultés autour de la surdouance ou d'un fonctionnement HP (haut potentiel) ou HPI. Il est également possible d'effectuer un travail de dévelopement personnel ciblé sur des buts précis, ou de bénéficier d'un conseil psychologique.

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